Boiler repairs can be extremely tricky and faulty repairs could to permanent failure. Problems that come up often are leaking black pipes, leaking copper pipe, leaking auto-vents (air vents), leaking coils, leaking coil plates, leaking relief valves, broken feed valves (pressure regulators), leaking fittings and valves, and a host of other possibilities. It’s important to have knowledge and experience when determining the cause of the problems.

Our trained service technicians can diagnose and repair your boiler problems and provide the most cost effective method for repair or possibly replacement. We pride ourselves on providing all of the options so you can make the best choice based on your family’s specific needs.

Please remember that your boiler is a separate item than your oil burner. The oil burner is connected to the fuel oil line(s) and an electrical source and creates a flame that fires in the boiler’s firebox. That flame heats the boiler metal and transfers to the water inside the boiler. Sometimes leaking water near the boiler is caused by the burner being off on safety. Other times, it’s an issue directly related to the boiler. Please do you best to communicate with our technician as clearly as possible so they can provide you with the best possible service.

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