Oil burner repair is our specialty. We have over 80 years of experience servicing home heating systems on Long Island. We are licensed and insured for oil burner service in Suffolk County, New York.

Your oil burner is a device that draws oil from your oil tank, delivers it to the oil burner’s fuel pump where it is pumped through the nozzle line and then atomized by the nozzle. Once atomized, the droplets can be burned by the spark created by the ignitor, or transformer. The fire burns in the boiler’s firebox, which heats the metal of the boiler, which in turn transfers the heat to the water that is inside the boiler. The piping and circulator pumps then pump the water throughout the house to heat the baseboard and radiators. Steam boilers are different in that they use steam to heat radiators, but the oil burner is the same device in both steam and hydronic oil systems.

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